Pasta – Aglo Olio

The very first post on my blog is going to be about something I fell instantly in love with after marriage. (read PASTA :). MY husband’s a big big fan of the same and he took me to this place called Pasta Mania (one of the chain restaurants) here in Singapore . Voila I instantly fell in love with it. So if I wanted to have pasta it would always be my hubby who would happily enjoy the cooking while I browsed through our video HDD’s to play a nice video and this happened all the time. IF its pasta then hubby cooks else wifey cooks. This march’12 however he had leave on a business trip for 6 long weeks. And you all know what goes through wifey when hubby is off on trip ;). So not going into details and also wanting to let my daughter try pasta I decided to make it myself. And it turned out pretty amazing I must admit.

So here’s the recipe I used but feel free to tweak it and toss other stuff suiting to your tastes ;). More importantly enjoy eating it ;).

Here is the recipe for PASTA- AGLO OLIO (meaning garlic olive flavour)

This pasta doesn’t need more than 10 mins…

For the pasta sauce ..
1) mince 4 pods of garlic (medium) ,

2) one medium onion

3) 2 tbsp of olive oil ,

4) red chilly flakes or finely chopped chilly padi ( red chilly )

For the Pasta…
1) 1 litre of water ,

2) 2 tsp salt,

3) 300 grams of pasta … ( I chose fusilli but this works well with noodles too)

For Garnishing…

1) chinese parsley / coriander ,

2) 1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese (Optional, kids love it and hence the idea 🙂

3) Freshly cracked pepper


1) Boil water , add pasta and salt and let it cook for 7 to 10 mins .. In the meanwhile we can make the sauce…

2) add oil in a pan , heat on medium flame when it is just about getting heated, lower the flame add garlic , fry till golden brown , add some chilly flakes and onions let is cook for about a min add some pepper and salt ( If required as the pasta already absorbs salt from the boiling water …) switch off the gas..

3) drain the pasta , mix it with the Aglo olio sauce ,

4) garnish with some coriander , cheese and serve piping hot pasta .. U can even add mixed veggies ESP capsicum, black olives for a yummier flavour ..

This was nethra’s first time to have pasta so I was a wee bit sticking to the basic recipe no improvisations to original version.



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