About Me

Meet Dipsi the newbie mom, cook and photographer !

A tambram girl fell in love with a tambram boy and got both parents to agree to get them married to each other and now lives in singapore, being a mother of an adorable daughter who’s first words “yumyum mumum” made her start food blogging :).. So here I spin the rest of my story :)…

Music and dance have always been something that I am passionate about until recently I found my new love for cooking and all that comes with it .. thats right .. I was never the typical girl who helps her mom in the kitchen or would love to play and experiment with food and delicacies .. I was always a plain thayir saadam case (please read white rice served with plain curd and note the color shouldn’t change :-|)!

Once I moved out of home for higher studies I had to cook for myself and thats when I discovered this hidden talent (or whatever little I have of it in me)… Missing my mom’s cooking, and all the goodies that we can hog at the road side shops in India were what urged me to start cooking and start cooking good food .. yes you heard me right ” yenna enakku naaku romba neelam” when it comes to taste…

What began as a hobby soon turned out to be a part of my life or rather a part of me , thanks to my husband who enjoys good food and my adorable one year old daughter who goes “mumumum yumyumyumm” when she sees food.So here I am starting a blog to blog about my cooking experiments and share my recipes with all of you , because the best things in life always come free …


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Congrats!!!god bless with good health & patience to make more & more new receipes & keep u as busy perfect house wife. Fotos are simply awesome/adorable as it goes without saying DIPSILICIOUS !!! YUMMMY MUMMY

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